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Oohdesk DSP
- outdoor advertising in a few clicks
Affordable ad placement on digital constructions
Oohdesk DSP service allows a quick creation of advertisement on an advanced-user level. Create an account to sign in and launch an advertising campaign.
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Advantages of Oohdesk DSP
Price per impression is half the standard price
Minimum price per impression is 2 rubles. It’s lower than the standard placement price of 5 rubles. With a more cost-effective service, get a higher outreach level.
Easy creation and launch
The convenient interface saves you time. The service allows an effective allocation of the budget, number of impressions and choice of geolocations. As soon as the content is ready, the creative work begins. Moderation process takes less than 24 hours. If the creative was already used, creating a new ad campaign will take less than 10 min.
Higher outreach level forte standard budget
– Save on the budget of the standard placement and increase the outreach level with the OOHDESK DSP tools: adjust personally the frequency of ad campaigns showings. o need to buy a full-day time slot. You only choose the time slots of your interest.
How it works?
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Outdoor advertising in a few clicks
About us
Our clients
Lyudmila Matveeva
Head of marketing PIK
The process of digitization of buying and analysis of OOH placement started more than three years ago for us. In the meantime, the digital-inventory market has been growing, and we are constantly introducing the most cost-effective tools, that’s why the advantages of the private deal were obvious to us from the beginning. Moreover, the platform we are cooperating with has implemented additional features for us. Apart from having the choice of picking impressions time slots, we got an option to increase the outreach level due to a daily rotation of inventory. Private-deal buying is a feature that has to be used in the correct way. The analytical platform allows us to maintain the frequency at an effective level. Our current plans are to strengthen the effectiveness of placement by integrating our internal services and data with the platform. It will help us to automatically match sales data and branding queries for object creatives data, in order to immediately optimize the media investment balance into different PIK residential areas.
Roman Abdullin
Head of marketing and advertising, «Samolet development» Group of Companies
Nowadays, the competition and clatter in the «Real estate» segment has temporarily declined. This tendency provided us with an outstanding opportunity for aggressive actions and «a game against the category». Our main goal for the June flight is to take a dominant position and the share of voice.<br> <br> We were also interested in using a new format - private deal - for purchasing DOOH-constructions. Given a decreased advertising budget, we planned a campaign and rearranged the impressions in favour of day-time showings, while canceling night-time showings. It allowed us to increase the number of day-time showings by 25% and to reduce the overall advertising campaign budget.
Yana Chupina
Head of B2C communications Dept, S7 Airlines
We were glad to join the project and use DOOH-technologies as part of the situational marketing. We are looking for the communication that brings a positive spirit and inspires for the new travel revelations. With the help of New Year’s Eve ads placement we were able to benefit from the magical holiday atmosphere and wish Moscow citizens to go on the new exciting trips.
Irina Kuzmenko
Head of the martial arts academy Fighting Sport Arts
Working with Oohdesk DSP service was our first-time experience of the outdoor advertising. We evaluated the result as positive. The advertisement was noticed by potential clients - the number of Internet search inquiries of the academy increased during the launch days. We are planning to launch a regular advertising campaign now. We highly appreciated the fact that creative solutions can be altered depending on the training groups occupancy level. There are no restricting limitations with the service.
Olga Zborovskaya
Chief of advertising products development, Russ Outdoor
Russ Outdoor pours a lot of resources in the development of innovational and technological products that help in solving all kinds of clients’ business problems. Mixing business with pleasure, demonstrating the abilities of our platform and bringing a holiday spirit to Moscow citizens - is particularly enjoyable.
Our partners
Digital outdoor advertising service OOHDESK DSP offers more than 10 operators, placement options in 15 cities of the Russian Federation and more than 800 construction sites.
Our partners
Digital outdoor advertising service OOHDESK DSP offers more than 10 operators, placement options in 15 cities of the Russian Federation and more than 800 construction sites.